Welcome to Aspiri Primary School, an Independent Public School

APS is a Level 6 Independent Public School situated in the south metropolitan area of Perth in Piara Waters. We are a highly multicultural community, with families having strong ties to a diverse range of countries around the world, with approximately 52 different spoken languages through the APS community.
Our school opened in 2018 for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary with approximately 160 students and then expanded to catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 the following year. The student enrolments have rapidly increased over the past six years to nearly 900 students.
APS staff and students are constantly being challenged to set high expectations for themselves and adapt a growth mindset to teaching and learning. Our staff are continuing to develop and embed their knowledge and understanding of pedagogical approaches which have a high impact on student outcomes. We have a philosophical belief that no students should be left behind and that students are the core focus of everything we do.
Establishing a new school has involved recruiting teachers, allied professionals and support staff, bringing them together to create a shared vision and direction. Our staffing profile is heavily weighted with early career teachers as well as young staff who are now taking leave to start their families. These factors, together with a rapidly growing student population, has resulted in a landscape of consistent staffing changes, recruitment processes and the establishment of new teams.

Kristy Mularczyk