Regular attendance is a critical factor in the success of your child at school. Attendance for all students from Pre-primary to Year Six is compulsory. In Kindergarten, although not compulsory, we strongly encourage regular attendance. The school follows up all unexplained absences, including in Kindergarten. Please note that all instances of vacation that occur inside school terms are classified as unauthorised absences. The school policy is to not provide work for students to complete during their family holidays as this sends the message that the school condones such absences.

Absentee Notification

If something unforeseen happens to your child on the way to school, you would most likely not become aware of anything being wrong until after home time. The school would presume that the child was away because of illness. In order to prevent this misunderstanding the school uses an SMS notification system for student attendance. This system will send a text message for any unexplained absence. This generally occurs at 9.30am each school day, but may be delayed due to technical difficulties. If your child will not be at school please advise us by telephone or SMS prior to 9.00am. You can SMS the school at any time on 0488 906 174 or phone 93978300.

You may notify the school of absences via phone, email, our School App and SMS, or a note to the appropriate class teacher. All requests for extended absence should be made in writing to the Principal.