Our aim at Aspiri Primary School is to lead our students to discover and embrace the enormous variety of forms of Art and the value of Art in society. We embrace students individual and collaborative expression to allow them to reap the rewards from their participation in the Arts.

We have Art all around us: in paintings, architecture, pottery, sculpture etc. The exterior and interior design of our houses, the way we dress, how we display our food, the way we stand, sit or even talk, we all have a personal style statement. Each occasion and festivity in our life involves an aesthetic expression. The ideas, application and skills in Art can help transmission of cultural know how, tradition and customs enhancing cultural awareness and bringing communities together.

Aspiri Primary Art experiences are an outlet for communication; students artworks represent a view of their personalities, it gives them the tangible opportunity to express themselves and represent their ideas when creating with their own imagination, skill and invention. Art education at Aspiri Primary School is based upon the visual and tangible arts, we guide and positively promote students to develop academically, socially and emotionally though their work.

In Visual Art our students will use paper, clay, cardboard, recycled objects, paint etc. which can be moulded and transformed to create some physical or artistic object through drawing, painting and sculpture. Through the learning and practice of traditional Art forms such as Drawing, Painting, Collage, Mixed Media, 3D Construction, Pottery, Printmaking etc. students are embarking on a creative journey of inner expression with a destination of endless possibilities.

More contemporary elements of your children’s journey through Art at Aspiri Primary School will include photography, video, film, design, computer art, etc. inspiring students and providing challenges for learners at all levels. Students are provided with a platform of different rewarding experiences to enhance their learning and personal growth.