Welcome to Our Library at Aspiri Primary School!

Our Library is more than just a room full of books – it’s a vibrant, welcoming space where the culture of reading thrives. We understand the vital role a well-stocked library and dedicated staff play in nurturing a love for reading, which is why we’re committed to providing an environment where students can explore, imagine, and grow.

Every week, students eagerly anticipate their library session, where they have the opportunity to borrow and return books. Using our Oliver library system, students take charge of their library experience, from managing their loans.

Empowering students as independent learners is our mission. That’s why our Student Library Leaders play a pivotal role in curating displays, organizing competitions, and assisting their peers in navigating the library’s resources.

Mrs Bice is available Monday through Thursday to guide and inspire young minds. During lunchtime, the library transforms into a hub of creativity and exploration, where students can immerse themselves in reading, coloring, games, and LEGO adventures.

At Our Library, student voices matter. Through our student-led collection development approach, we ensure that our library reflects the diverse interests and preferences of our community.

Join us at Aspiri Primary School’s Library, where learning, imagination, and discovery come to life!