School Board

The Aspiri Primary School Board is the peak advisory and decision making group within the school. The Board is comprised of staff, parents and community members, with community members and parents in the majority. The Board meets at least once per term to monitor school performance and provide guidance on our strategic direction.

The School Board

The Board of a public school works with the school community to achieve the best outcomes for students. It plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students. There are two types of school Boards: Incorporated and Unincorporated. Most schools have an unincorporated Board. Incorporated Boards have higher levels of obligations and additional functions. An Unincorporated Board uses approved Terms of Reference to define its way of working and to meet the requirements of the legislation. They also include guidelines on the roles and responsibilities of school Board, membership, induction and procedures for conducting elections and meetings.

An Incorporated Board must have a Constitution which defines its rules and way of working. The Constitution meets legislative requirements and includes advice on the roles of Office Bearers, meetings and proceedings, management of finances, disputes and mediation, legal responsibilities, induction and requirement to obtain insurance.

The functions of a Board are covered by legislation and include both approval and advisory roles. Some of the matters Boards may make decisions on include fees and charges, book lists, sponsorship and dress codes. Boards make these decisions with the Principal who ensures the decisions adhere to legislative and policy requirements. Principals also seek the advice of Boards so as to understand local community views. The Board does not intervene in the control or management of the school. This is the role of the principal.

Being a Board member

Being a member of a Board is an important and rewarding role that contributes greatly to the success of a school. Members include the Principal, parents, staff, and others from the wider community who can lend their skills and expertise to the school. When a vacancy occurs on the Board, the Principal seeks nominations. Before an appointment is made to a Board a Screening Clearance Number may be requested from the nominee. The term for which members sit on the Board is determined by each school Board in accordance with legislation.

Support for Board members

A new program called Linking Schools and Communities has been developed to support Board members in their role. The program provides them with training and online resources that are accessible, flexible and respond to the changing needs of Boards. Board members can also seek advice on training, resources and other council matters from the Department’s Innovation and Governance unit. P&C Association members can also seek support from the Western Australian Council of State School Organisations (WACSSO).

2024 Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes Term 1_Final

Board Meeting Minutes Term 2_Final

Current Board Members

Community Board Members 

Michael Wiltshire – Chairperson

Jason Coleman
Geraldine Stewart

Amit Singh Meel
Chritopher Tan

Jasvinder Singh
Frank Robinson

Mahesh Iyer
Angiline Wati

Staff Representatives

Kristy Mularczyk – Principal

Kim Snowden – Associate Principal
Anna Brenkley – Teacher

Tamara Fry – Teacher

Kristy Mularczyk, Principal

I have worked in public education for 30 years and love working with primary school students.  Connecting with students, planning strategic opportunities and pathways for them to reach their potential socially, emotionally, and academically is a role that I take very seriously as parent leave their children in my care.   My working background includes: 7 years of primary teaching; a year as a Literacy Curriculum Consultant facilitating First Steps Professional Learning to numerous schools in WA; 5 years as a Deputy Principal and 17 as a Principal. I have worked as a facilitator and an executive coach at Growth Coaching International, with my coaching profile encompassing professional coaching for over 80 school leaders. I have facilitated coaching and peer coaching professional learning in WA, SA and NT. I have worked as a literacy coaching principal with Good to Great Schools located in Cairns, with a focus on Explicit Direct Instruction and Direct instruction. I am passionate about leadership, personality profiling, one on one coaching, facilitating coaching training programs and strongly believe in a solution focussed approach. Coaching is embedded in my leadership style. I lead teams using Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a team, embracing a high-performance team culture.

I am inspired by and dedicated to personal transformation. I have an appreciation of mindset and am passionate about assisting people to recognise and build on strengths, combat change and find new pathways. I have a love for meeting and interacting with a diverse range of people, leading my career naturally to teaching, leadership and coaching. I challenge myself to continually grow and learn and challenge staff to do the same. I am an experienced leader who is an accredited leadership coach and am accredited with DiSC personality profiling and The 5 Behaviours.

Career highlights have included winning the position of foundation Principal of Success Primary School in 2008, a ‘light house’ model for inclusion, integrating both   Mainstream   and   Education Support learning environments in the same setting. This was the only school of this model at the time.  Highlights also include being accepted into the Department of Education Culturally Responsive Leadership Program for a 12-month period and working on Project Kaartdijin panel, which is the biggest tender process the Department of Education has undergone.

I have been at Aspiri since Term 2 2023 and look forward to working with the school staff and community to build a school that nurtures children but also helps them flourish in all domains of their world.


Anna Brenkley, Junior Science Specialist

I have been a teacher since 2009, teaching in both Catholic and Education Department schools. I have taught a wide range of subjects across all year levels in remote, regional and metropolitan schools. I started teaching at Aspiri in 2021 and enjoy being part of the fantastic community here. I love encouraging children to think critically about the world around them. I was previously a Year 3 and Year 4 classroom teacher and I’m now enjoying the challenge of working with students across multiple year levels in the Junior Science role.

Tamara Fry, Teacher 

I have been teaching at Aspiri Primary School since 2022. I have been teaching for a very long time! My passion as a teacher is to inspire little minds to always do better.  I love watching their little minds grow throughout the year, always wondering what will be the next huge accomplishment they will make. As a teacher, I enjoy the challenges of always improving my understanding of the new ways to nurture and develop these little humans.  In my spare time away from school I enjoy spending time with our four children and being a Nan to our beautiful granddaughter.

Amit Singh Meel

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians of this land and their elders, both past and present. My name is Amit Singh Meel, and I am deeply committed to social well-being and community engagement. I work as a senior biomedical engineer, and I am a proud husband and father of two young boys. In my spare time, I enjoy conversing with people, travelling, and participating in social and educational initiatives. I take great pride in being a resident of Piarawaters for the last 13 years and have had the privilege of experiencing the richness and diversity of our multicultural community. I am passionate about giving back to my community and am an active member of several ethnic and community groups.

Jasvinder Singh

Hi, my name is Jasvinder but most folks know me as Jessy. I’m a proud mum raising two wonderful kids; my son is already thriving at Aspiri primary, and his little sister will be following in his footsteps next year. My multicultural background, rooted in my Malaysian heritage, has instilled in me a profound understanding and respect for diversity, besides having the ability to converse in multiple different languages. In my professional capacity, I work full time as a Process Specialist in the technology sector and as such I’m passionate about advocating for women in STEM. I’m eager to use my network to increase exposure to STEM-based programs for all students at Aspiri Primary if the opportunity arises. As a school board member, I’m excited to work closely with teachers and other board members to make sure our school is a safe, happy place for our children to learn and grow.

Frank Robinson 

My name is Frank Robinson, and I am honored to serve on the school board and look forward to supporting the ongoing growth and achievement of our school. A resident of the community for nearly 10 years and a proud husband and father of two beautiful daughters who attend Aspiri Primary in year three and six. I’m passionate about personal growth and continual learning and recently finished my bachelor’s degree in spatial science. I work as a Spatial/Engineering professional and currently work FIFO, managing the spatial team on a mixed metals mine in the northern goldfields. I look forward to working collaboratively with fellow board members and the wider community to ensure the continued success of Aspiri Primary and shaping a bright and promising future for all our students.

Mahesh Iyer

As a parent of two students at Aspiri Primary School, I’ve been impressed by the school’s commitment to both academic excellence and strong pastoral care. Witnessing my children benefit from this early support firsthand motivates me to give back to the school community.

With extensive experience in higher education, community support, and IT, I bring a diverse skillset to the board. My background offers business insights across various sectors, coupled with a practical understanding of the evolving challenges faced by public education. I’m excited by the opportunity to serve the school for the coming years.

Angiline Wati

Kaya Families, My name is Angiline Wati, and it is a pleasure to be part of the school board. My passion lies within the inclusion, diversity, and sustainability sector.  I work as a Global Strategic Procurement Manager and have a Finance and contract management background. I aim to broach subjects with simplicity and leave sustainable footprints for our tomorrow.  With this in mind, I look forward to collaborating with our fellow board members in making Aspiri an even more aspiring home of education for our children and the generations to follow.