From the Principal

Welcome to Aspiri Primary School.

It is an honour to have your child and family as a part of our exciting and vibrant school community. For many of you it is your first experience as a parent of a child at school.

As we continue to develop our wonderful school we would like to invite you on a shared educational journey that is the best for your child and where we, as partners in your child’s education, create opportunities for our school to be a vibrant centre of our wonderfully diverse community.

Our school is one where students, parents and community are welcomed from all corners of the globe and where great behaviour is expected and rewarded, great relationships are forged and nurtured, and engaged and positive students are achieving their very best all of the time. Our school holds students at the centre of our focus and nurtures their self-esteem, and resilience. We teach our students to be respectful of themselves, others and our environment, to value their learning and how to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live both at school and beyond.

I invite you and your children to be part of our exciting journey.

Noel Morgan

Foundation Principal